8 Steps To Become More Disciplined.

by | Mar 14, 2018

A lot of people can identify with me if I say: ” I lack discipline.” It has been hard to create the habit of being a disciplined person in different areas of my life. How I managed my time. I might have been disciplined at work, since is already structured for me. However, I had to build the discipline to exercise, though I really enjoy it as much as I had to do it about reading a book, since we can get carried away with watching videos all the time.

If your inner talk is something like this: “I need to loose weight and stay healthy. I need to exercise regularly, but I do it on and off.” “I want to protect my brain I need to read regularly, but it’s easier to watch a video online. I can’t make myself read a book.” ” I want build my own business, but I don’t know how to find the time to do it, so I start and give up quickly/” “No matter what I try I am stuck. I am still in the same place.”

What is most probably happening in your life is that you lack discipline to achieve what you want.

If what I shared resonates with you,  follow along as I share 7 tools to become more disciplined.

1- Decide what you want; what you really want.

Many times we say we want to pursue change, but we do not know how to go about what we want to change or do not really know what we want. It is very hard to bring yourself to change your habits or lifestyle if you do not fully know what you actually want to do. Therefore, research, educate yourself on what you would like to change and make a conscious selection on what you want to change. Consider all the options you have. Find information on the people that have already gotten where you desire to go.

Some key questions to ask yourself would be:

Is this what I really want to change or do?

Am I consciously wiling to change my habits and lifestyle ti achieve this change? Even if it is sacrificial?

Am I willing to do this with or without support?

Am I willing to not give up when things get hard and stay with the program till the end?

2-  Make a decision

Many times in life we want something, but we do not properly plan how to achieve or acquire it. It is hard to embrace what needs to change in your life, in order to achieve or acquire that thing you want, without making a conscious decision. You mind needs to be fully made up and decided that is about to embrace a different way of thinking, working or doing things. Our minds tend to go on auto-pilot once it acquires a new formed habit. Anything that is different from what it is used to, will be hard on the brain.

These are they type of thoughts that we need to say with a decisive intention in order to commit to the changes we are about to embrace. Yes! I am doing this!  I can and I will!

3- Make a plan

After having researched what you have decided to change, embrace or pursue it is very important to make plans. This plan will enable you to be organized and to know what you need to do and what to expect next in the journey that is making a change. Designing a plan to suit your personal needs will build the structure that you need to follow in order to achieve that change.

Schedule your activities to help you build that structure. You can use a phone app or write your schedule on a paper and post it on the wall or fridge.

4– Awareness is the initiator of everything you do. 

In order to bring any type of change in your life you need awareness. Once you have made that decision, becoming aware of your behavior or thought process will come easier as you are now in the same page with the commitment you have consciously made.

Awareness is that amazing tool that will help you stop yourself in your tracks when you are about to cheat on the diet. It is the voice that tells you: “Come on you can do this, I can see you want to give up”            Funny enough when you become aware, you will use awareness as a tool for progress. You actually become more aware of your thoughts, behaviors and surroundings. That inner voice becomes really active.

5- Support

For the most part we share some part or most parts of our lives with someone. Maybe you have a partner, children, live with your parents or with a friend. Maybe you live alone, but work with other people. When anyone commits to a change, whether diet, quitting smoking, stop drinking alcohol, start a new business, study, or any other change, will somehow affect the people around you.

You might need to tell your friends: “I can go out tonight, will only drink sodas. Please do not expect me to drink alcohol:”  You may need to tell people at work:  “Guys I cannot have sugar, please support me by not offering me candy or donuts.”  You might need to tell your family: “I need to have some quiet to study. Please be there for me for the next hour or so.”

Whichever the case, it is important to be clear and explain to the people in your life what you have decided to embrace and request their support.

However, If you happen not to receive the support you requested, please recognize that you have committed to do this with or without it. Plan for what you need to do without the support.

6- Accountability 

We all need someone to be accountable to. This is a great help. It is easy to sidetrack, lose momentum and give up on what you have embraced. Look for someone you trust to help you stay in track and motivated. If you do not have such a person in your life, maybe look for a group that is doing what you do. For example if you are dieting, you can find forums online. If you started school, get a class mate.

7- Jot down your journey 

It is a great tool to journal for every area of your life. Writing down what you feel, what you are going to do, your dreams, your goals, the steps you are taking to achieve your goal or anything else, helps you stay motivated, on track, aware and consciously accountable to yourself. When you read what you wrote down on a paper is like seeing yourself in your inner mirror. I till teach you a lot about yourself.

8- Day Dream

Lastly, day dream. Take some time to see yourself doing what you see out to do in your mind. Visualize yourself doing it and having achieved your goals. Declare it in your mind. Speak it to yourself. I personally like to make a list of declaration or affirmations about what and who I have decided to be. It will go something like this:

“I love exercising. I enjoy it every time.” “My body feels great when I exercise/” “I am fit, strong and healthy because I exercise regularly.”


I hope these tools will give you the courage to embrace a new you, a better you, a better quality of life and o build the life you want and deserve

I wish you the very best with what you desire to achieve in your life.

With much love,
Alicia Yombalakian






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