Together is a very used word. We use it without hesitation to explain something we have done or achieved with a group of people. However, it is important to take time to meditate and ponder on the real meaning of words and what they can do for you. This time...
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The clouds are hiding the sun?

  If you are from a cold place like me sometimes it rains or it’s cloudy for a few days.  The clouds are hiding the sun, we may feel as though this will not change. When it comes to our circumstances we feel the same way.  We tend to give up or give...
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“El Efecto Espejo”

La vida es como un espejo, lo que se refgleja en el exterior lo que está en el interior. No se puede ocultar la realidad en el. Tampoco se puede enmascarar lo que sos en el interior del exterior. Cundo lo logramos, tiene generalmentede una corta duración....
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“The Mirror Effect”

Life is like a mirror, which shows on the outside what it is in the inside.  You can’t mask what you really look like from it.  Neither can you mask who you are in the inside from showing it up on the outside. It is usually short lived. It is important to...
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“Awareness is Key”

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My name is Alicia. As a Christian for many years now, I’ve felt the call of God on me to guide people into better, higher quality, lives that are authentic and real in front of our Savior. My goal is to help you be real to a real God and grow to live a Better Life Today.

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