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Fear of change? Here is how to have an easier transition.

It's so funny how when there are changes on Facebook, we feel weird.  Some people complain saying things like: "I do not like it this change. I want the old way back. I was so used to it."  However, we all quickly adjust to the new settings, the new look and we no...

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Sometimes we feel as if all is lost, but it is not.

In life, we go through cycles. Just like the world goes through seasons, so do we. At times, we reach that place where everything seems to go downhill. We feel as if all is lost. We reach that bottom line, where it feels as though we cannot get out of the hole. Our...

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Sometimes My Heart Is Just Filled With Sadness…

Yes! That is part of life for us all. Sometimes, my heart is filled with sadness. There is nothing I can do to avoid the pain. What I do with this pain is what will give direction to my day, week, month, or even life. What I am about to share with you did not come...

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Learn How to Live a Better, More Authentic, More Fulfilling Life Today.